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Y New Tips For Rendering Glass in Keyshot

Y Bentwood Chairs Are In the Studio

B “History” functionality in Rhino

( Commenting in Google Docs

B Examples of “Pedestal” Scenes

B Chair Cane and Wood Texture

í Assignment 2

( Rhino 6 import to Keyshot issues

í Week 2 Challenge Part 3: Lego Figure

í Week 2 Challenge Part 2: Tracing in 3D

í Week 2 Challenge Part 1: Tracing

Y Keyshot and Rhino Installed on Computer Lab iMacs

( Keyshot Plug-in for Rhino

( Download Keyshot

Y Internship Opportunity – Deadline 3/12

( Watch Videos Faster (or slower)

( Use the Middle Mouse Button for Increased Productivity!!!!!