CutterAssignment 8: Finalize Stool Design, prepare file for MasterCAM

It appears there wasn’t an assignment posted last week, so we apologize for that oversight. Please upload a photo(S) of your model from this week to your google drive folders (in a sub-folder within the plywood stool folder named “Phase 2”) as well as a screen shot of your nesting layout.

For next week, please revise and refine your  designs as was discussed during the reviews in class. We are falling a bit behind schedule at this point but this phase of this project is to finalize the design, resolving issues related to form, dimensions, structure and joinery. For some of you, this means more incremental improvements, others will require more drastic reworking of your design.

For next week, you will be required to create another model of your design. You can create another 1:2 scale model however for some we encourage you to make a full scale model. The material thickness should be scaled appropriately in either. If you decide to make a 1:1 model, you should use 1/2″ foam core and cut by hand. You can use the paper model techniques of the make2d command in Rhino to create patterns that you can print full scale on the plotter in the computer lab.

So we don’t fall too far behind, please prepare your rhino file for mastercam. Remember that MasterCam will be using contour cuts, so slots can be cut with a single line versus the laser cutter’s use of an outline. We can adjust the tool to cut on the center or either side of the lines, so you will need to plan accordingly when laying out the geometry.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • you can only use three toolpath types for this project
    • contour
    • pocket
    • drill

We would recommend you attempt to setup your mastercam file, but understand that we didn’t have a chance to demo today in class. We’ll do our best to come in this week for assistance with mastercam outside of class hours.


By next class the designs of your objects must be resolved fully. Please upload your stool 3dm files as well as photos of your models and nesting layouts as soon as you are able this week and email Chris and Cutter so we can review. 


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