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( Potential Fix for MasterCAM HLE not working on Windows Computers

í Week 11 Challenge: Disposable Spoon

í Assignment 10

Y Another Rhino Meme

B Quizz Answers

B Surface Toolpaths Tutorial

í Week 10 Challenge: Steel Spoon

Y Double Clicking a MasterCAM File Won’t Open It

B Updating Your MasterCAM file with New Geometry From Rhino

B Problem: Merging Geometry from Rhino in MasterCAM Doesn’t Include Layer Structure?

( Tool Library with 15/32 bit

B Setting Defaults in MasterCAM

í Week 9 Challenge: Y Branch

B Sample Stool Rhino and MasterCAM files

í Assignment 8: Finalize Stool Design, prepare file for MasterCAM

í Week 8 Challenge