Tool Library with 15/32 bit

Sorry we did not post this sooner, but you can get the tool library with the 15/32 bit below. You will see that this tool is tool #8 in this library. You should go back into your operations and choose this tool. You should also make sure that your tool settings are not set to “assign tool numbers sequentially”. If you do have it set to assign tool numbers sequentially, the first tool you select will be called #1, regardless of which tool it is in the library. This will cause your part to cut with the wrong tool. See the image below for a reminder where you access this option.

If for some reason you don’t see this tool as an options from the library, be sure to uncheck the option for “Filter Active”

If you have the correct tool – “15/32 Flat Endmill”, but the tool number is wrong (maybe assign tool numbers sequentially was checked), you can just go in an change the tool number:

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