CNC Plywood Stool

Design a small stool using only 1/2″ thick Baltic birch plywood. All cutting of final materials will be done on the CNC router. Projects must adhere to the following requirements:

Design Requirements

  • each student must produce one stool
  • the piece of furniture must be made entirely from one 30″ x 30″ sheet of 1/2” thick baltic birch plywood
  • the stool may have no more than 10 parts
  • the stool should be designed for sitting – consider structure and comfort accordingly
  • no fasteners or adhesives of any kind are allowed, nor are any “foreign” parts, pieces, or materials – all parts and components will be cut on the CNC machine from the single 30″ x 30″ sheet
  • projects will be evaluated for style and creativity, but first and foremost they will be expected to have structural integrity and sensitivity to the material and production process

Production Requirements

  • projects will be cut on the CNC router using only curve-driven cuts
  • 1.5 hours of time on the machine will be allotted per student (this includes set-up and clean up)
  • only 1 tool (bit) will be used – a 15/32” flat ended bit (consider the kerf this tool will produce)
  • plywood sheets will be secured to the machine bed by vacuum, but small parts will require tabs. In some cases, screws may also be needed to secure the material to the bed.

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