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å Monday, March 12th, 2018

í Assignment 4

1. Paper Model Round 2 (final)
Revise your Rhino model as needed and create a final paper model for this project. This model should be a well crafted, carefully proportioned likeness of your chosen object, demonstrating thoughtful decisions about what to include as part of the form, what to represent with graphics, and how to abstract compound curving surfaces into simple, developable surfaces. Keep in mind that you are expected to include some representation of the color, materials, and finish of the original object – this can be very literal or more abstract in the way you make this representation. For now, focus on creating the model, but we will ask you to create a slideshow summarizing your work and process. Be sure that you are working in an organized fashion in Rhino as we will review the files.

2. Revisions
You may continue to revise and improve your work for the first two assignments.

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í Week 4 Challenge: Toy Boat

Build a model of the toy boat indicated in the orthographic views found in this zip folder.

Start by building the hull:

If you finish with that, build the cabin shown in the orthographic drawings:

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B Texture Mapping and Labels in Keyshot

This video provides a nice overview of texture mapping in Keyshot

And related, is an introduction to labels

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